Industry Insight: Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical

bio-pharmaceutical image

The need to balance stringent quality requirements with rapid production demands for larger volumes of product has placed a heavy toll on biotech and pharmaceutical companies…

But stronger regulations, tenuous financial stability and regulatory delays have made this industry reluctant to invest in newer technologies.

Concerns of expenses in hard economic times in the form of equipment purchase and installation and learning new technologies combined with uncertainty about machine usage as well as regulatory and waste related concerns have all played a role in the industry’s lag in moving toward more advanced equipment.

A prime example was the recent US H1N1 vaccine shortage, with the US administration putting the manufacturers on the short list of causes.  The importance of expedience and quality in the production of such vaccines, and related biotech and pharmaceutical products, is undeniable. Technologies and equipment that help meet these increasing, and many times life-saving, demands are paramount.

Balancing capital investments with best-in-class products will help prevent future product delays that could contribute to serious outcomes, while ensuring manufacturers are equipped with a reliable, up-to-date production facility.

Equipment manufacturers for this industry have continued to develop and produce quality products. Upgrading to faster and efficient machinery will increase business and meet the needs of the industry.

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