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Why All Startups Should Invest in Public Relations

April1.bill-gates-prAs I often do when writing these blog posts, I harken back to early in my career.  This one in particular made me laugh a bit to myself because it reminded me of something I said to my mother when I was desperately trying to figure out what to do for a living.

During our discussion, she had mentioned that she thought I would be good in ‘public relations’.  I remember literally looking at her and saying ‘I have no idea what that means, but when you can tell me what it is, I’ll do it…’. At the time, it was a flippant remark.  Because A) I had no idea what public relations was and B) It annoyed me that she already had me pegged into a field that I knew nothing about, nor did I think I would ever be interested in.

As we all know, mom is always right! Not only do I know firsthand now what public relations is, but it has become my career and passion to understand its importance and why companies, especially startups, should invest in it. Read the rest of this entry »

Strengthen Your Marketing through Canada’s New Anti-Spam Law

Canada anti-spam lawCanada’s recent legislation cracking down hard on email traffic within its borders is being touted as the most stringent anti-spam policy instituted to date.

While there are definitely regulations that need to be adhered to and compliance issue to be met for sending Canadian residents and businesses electronic communications, there’s also an opportunity to strengthen your marketing program.

Regardless of a recipient’s location, doesn’t every business want its messaging to be received by a receptive, willing and interested audience? Email has made it too easy to overload prospects and customers with irrelevant, frivolous and uninteresting content…because, well…it is too easy…

Once a name is put on your list, what happens next?

Is that person assigned a caretaker that interacts with them and gets to know their business or merely left to fend for themselves in the sea of emails they will receive from companies just like yours spouting their latest and greatest achievements, as well.

So, when verifying the ‘opt-in’ status of your Canadian customers, ask yourself:

“When was the last time I asked each person on my list what they want to receive, and how often?”

If you are crafting a request to your Canadian contacts asking for permission to send them emails, why not use this as a chance to find out what they really want to receive. And then extend that offer to the rest of your list.

After all, email has made it easy to send out information to the masses…

And, for those of you who still need to review the specifics about Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), visit All of us should remember there are fine points in the language that can be applied in a broader sense to make your direct marketing programs the best they can be.

And if you need some help on how to be the caretaker of your sales leads, this recent post may lend some insight: So, You Just Got a Sales Lead, Now What?

The Simon Group Wins a Neographics Franklin Award of Excellence

The Simon Group and The Standard Group recently won a Franklin Award of Excellence for Announcements & Invitations (4+ Colors) for the Ingersoll Rand “Magic Window Mailer”. Graphic Arts Association Neographics Franklin Award winner


The Graphic Arts Association hosts the Neographics awards each year, one of the nation’s largest regional graphic communications contests in which graphic arts, packaging, converting, design and publishing excellence is selected and showcased.


Neographics is a contest dedicated to recognizing and rewarding the quality and service that is provided by the graphic communications, packaging and converting industries to their worldwide customers.


For the category of Announcements & Invitations (4+ Colors), The Simon Group won a Franklin Award for creating the Magic Window mailer, designed for client Ingersoll Rand’s product launch of their new ARO pumps in summer 2013.


Judging occurs over several days by teams of judges. The judges examine the finished products as well as how the job was performed. The number of colors, press size and printing process are used in determining the winners.
Overall design, successful completion, prepress preparation, printing and finishing are examined closely. Within each category, the judges present Franklin Awards for Excellence. Kudos to our wonderful design team!

Simon Group-designed Tradeshow Booth Wins at Tractor Supply Show

Ingersoll Rand tradeshow booth win, Simon Group designIn the beginning of 2014, Ingersoll Rand tasked The Simon Group to develop the graphics for a new tradeshow booth.


Developed to showcase Ingersoll Rand’s compressors and tools in “Out Here USA”, the booth was introduced at Tractor Supply Co.’s annual sales meeting…and won the Best Vendor Booth!


Congratulations to Ingersoll Rand and The Simon Group’s graphics department for the design!

Ingersoll Rand tradeshow booth win, Simon Group design


IEE Hires The Simon Group for New Marketing Communications Campaign

Integrated plan designed to develop military and commercial markets

The Simon Group has recently been chosen by IEE as its agency of record for a new marketing communications campaign intended to establish the company’s human-system interface solutions in military, industrial and commercial markets.

Steve Motter, vice president, business development, stated, “We wanted to work with a company that could position our products effectively in the OEM and end-user marketplace with a well-rounded campaign. When a colleague suggested The Simon Group to us for their expertise in our target markets and excellence in integrated marcom plans, we knew they could deliver the results we need to grow our business.”

Read the full press release

Woodstream Corporation Hires The Simon Group as Agency of Record for New Marketing Communications Campaign

The Simon Group has been chosen by Woodstream Corporation to create and implement a marketing communications plan for the company’s FiShock and Zareba electric animal control and containment products that provide safe, economical alternatives to barbed and woven wire fencing.

Andrea Itnyre, category development associate for the electronic containment division of Woodstream, noted, “We looked for a company that not only shared our vision of growth, but also was able to help us rapidly gain the market share needed to achieve our goals.  Having worked with The Simon Group in the past, I knew they would deliver an all-inclusive, well-run program with the lofty results we are looking for.”

Read the full press release

Applied Energy Systems Hires The Simon Group for Integrated Marketing

The Simon Group has been hired by Applied Energy Systems (AES) of Malvern, Pa. to develop and implement an integrated marketing program for both AES as well as its Semi-Gas line of ultra high purity gas delivery systems.

The campaign will focus on total brand management as well as strategic market analysis and planning for the company and its products. Tactics used to educate the semiconductor market and related industries on the complete solutions provided by AES and its Semi-Gas product line will include both print and online advertising as well as public relations and direct marketing. This combination will ensure that AES gains widespread company awareness in relevant industries as well as targeted reach to key influencers.

Read the full press release

Elsys Instruments Hires The Simon Group for North American Public Relations Campaign

The Simon Group has been appointed agency of record for Elsys Instruments to implement a new public relations campaign in the U.S. to help continue the global expansion of the 30-year-old company. Elsys Instruments is the U.S. headquarters of Switzerland-based Elsys AG, a leading manufacturer of custom and standard fast, high-precision data acquisition systems.

“When we decided to look for an agency to coordinate our PR campaign, my first thought was The Simon Group,” said Klaas Vogel, Sales Manager of Elsys Instruments. “Having successfully worked with them while with a different company, I knew The Simon Group would deliver a comprehensive, well-managed program with consistently high results. The proven PR methods at The Simon Group are sure to get our company where we want, and need, to be.”

Download the Full Press Release (Word.doc 158k)

Educating Next-Gen Marcom Professionals

smiling internOne thing we pride ourselves on is our “business as unusual” philosophy.  Each client’s business is unique and should be treated as such…far too often this is forgotten in the agency world.

Through our internship program, started in January 2008, we are educating the next crop of marketing and PR professionals on this way of thinking so they can better implement marketing strategies and grow business more effectively.

The added benefit? To date, we have gained the insight and support of seven promising interns from many local universities and as far away as Rochester Institute of Technology.  They have helped to streamline processes and improve efficiency here at The Simon Group. In return, they are learning valuable industry tips and gaining experience in the B-to-B marcom world to help prepare them for their careers in this fascinating business.