Industry Insight: RF & Wireless

We now live in a world of wireless technology, where convenience and time are essential.  Manufacturers of wireless and RF-technology based devices are constantly striving to produce faster, smaller equipment that can keep pace with the increased usage of electronic devices: multiple functions operating simultaneously, quicker data access, instant information updates.

From critical military systems and railway control applications to basic smart phones and retail operations, wireless systems are instrumental, and the electronic components that make up these systems are increasingly being taxed to perform in less space, with more duties required of them.

Each part of an electronic device contributes to the final product, no matter how small or seemingly irrelevant (in fact, sometimes the smaller the component, the more important it is!).  The tiniest bit of jitter, noise or heat can easily send a tightly compact, highly dense electronic device into a tailspin, making the function of each immensely important to the overall system.

Accounting for EMI, phase noise, jitter and higher tolerances, while improving frequency ranges and heat dissipation, in components help deliver more reliable devices.  As wireless and RF technology continues to proliferate into every day life, the need for sustained equipment reliability is becoming more important than ever.

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