Likes me; Likes me not

online content marketing, likes, blog, social media, followers, likes, twitter, facebook, web, onlineWhen did we digress to being 13 year olds concerned with how many “likes” we have gotten?  What does that “like” really mean?  What you should really be asking is:


Did I share relevant information that a customer or prospect could actually deem as useful?


We’ve all gone to a website that has left us wanting—either the information wasn’t where we were told it would be or it turned out to be far less useful than we were led to believe.


Blogging, web traffic and online advertising is not just about how much traffic you got or how many likes or followers you have. It is about building relationships and value. You need to craft a story that helps your customers relate to your business, and see the benefits you can actually deliver.


Great ideas must be matched by great content

While many offline marketing efforts have short-term impact, your online marketing efforts can last long term. If you brand yourself effectively, you can grow exponentially. The online marketing you do once can continue to influence your business for years to come.


Make sure your online presence, ranging from a corporate website to a company Twitter account, are all in sync with one another in messaging, tone and overall look and feel.


Existing and potential customers will respond well to aesthetically pleasing websites and are more likely to return to your site. Put in a little effort now and you’ll be reaping the rewards for months—and even years—to come.


Review results and adapt to increase success

Web analytic tools can provide you with valuable market research and insight. Use web analytics to see which activities generate traffic to your business, what your audience wants to know, who’s buying what (and who isn’t) and which visitors are leaving your site without engaging.


Being able to measure your online business in action allows you to improve the user experience, discover trends among your customers and ultimately boost your sales.


Good business is not a popularity contest. It comes from hard work, quality products and excellent customer service. (Now that we like!)

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