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Vanquishing the Scariest Mistakes in B2B Marketing

Scary marketing trendsAvoid these typical marcom missteps for better results


Unfortunately, we’ve seen it before in marketing programs.  Great concepts, great creative, great intentions…marginally acceptable implementation!


Many times, deadlines, pressures from the powers-that-be, and the urge to start seeing results can push marketers to cut corners on some pretty important aspects of proper marketing communications campaigns.


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Diversify Your Advertising Tactics

advertising channels, advertising media, print ad, digital ad, social mediaThe Mix of Media You Need

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about the shifting of momentum back towards traditional media. It is no secret that 15 years ago, online media stormed the advertising industry and nearly knocked out traditional media, like 90s grunge did to 80s hair bands.  People clamored to get on the digital bandwagon to gain more market share, reach a broader audience and cut through what was perceived at the time as ad clutter.  Or so they thought…

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Measuring Your Return – Can We Determine ROI of an Advertising Campaign?

WebWhile recently reading On the Near Impossibility of Measuring the Returns to Advertising by Randall A. Lewis and Justin M. Rao, it was stated that the average American sees 25-45 minutes of tv commercials, multiple billboards and an array of internet ads per day.  They go on further to say that industry reports place annual advertising revenue in the US in the range of $173 billion, or about $500 per American per year.  In order for advertisers to break even they need to net about $1.50 in profits per person per day – translating into about $3,500 -$5,500 per household per year. So is this possible?  Is it possible to measure the exact return on investment metrics of an advertising campaign? Read the rest of this entry »

As Wayne Gretzky said, “I skate to where the puck is going…”

integrated marketing, marketing strategy, sales funnel, sales marketing, business, business relationships, customer relationships, customer educationLet’s think for a moment about The Great One’s famous quote. He knew that just following the puck, or the market trend in our case, was not going to get him the goal. He needed to head to where the puck was going, arriving at its location before the puck even made it there. Read the rest of this entry »

Is your Marketing The Beach Boys or The Four Seasons?

integrated marketing, harmonization, collaborationWhen we talk integrated marketing, we’re really talking about harmonization. And if there’s a lesson to be learned from the varied vocal styles of two of the greatest quartets of all time, this synchronization can be created in a number of different ways.


Take the Beach Boys—they used the similarities in their three or four part harmonies to seamlessly blend into a rich, full sound—kind of like the sum of the parts becoming greater than the whole—which keeps you humming long after it has stopped playing.


The Four Seasons, on the other hand, were masters at pulling together disparate vocal pieces into one utterly engaging melody, with Frankie Valli’s falsetto delivering that unforgettable punch, making sure Sherry Baby is on your lips for hours to come.


So, which is your marketing program more tuned to?

Is there one consistent element that carries throughout every piece of collateral, on your website, even down to your eblasts? This common thread could be visual in nature or could be a tagline, or maybe a stylized logo supporting your company’s overall objectives. Something that when people see it they know who it’s from.


Or is it more a collaboration of different elements that support a larger message (think Geico here)? The elements don’t need to be exactly the same—stuffed into the confines of one graphical treatment or a key phrase that doesn’t exactly fit a datasheet the same way it does an ad—but they work together and still support the main objective.


Regardless of how it is done, it’s integrated, and as we’ve learned from music icons of the past, harmony in your marketing program can work different ways and still be music to our customers’ ears.


And if you’re thinking, “Hey, what about the Beatles? They did harmony, too!”…well, let’s save them for a post on taking the world by storm…in relation to integrated marketing, of course.

Today’s Push/Pull Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be a Tug-o-War

Business men pulling ropeThe Internet has brought the term ‘savvy consumer’ to a whole new level, especially in the realm of product marketing.


Today’s B2B audiences are real-time researchers with the ability to quickly ascertain data on a product as well as a company to make very informed decisions based on:


-Comparative data (think side-by-side datasheets from you and your competitor)

-Community insight (such as online reviews and comments in user forums)

-Corporate support (when others within an organization back a decision)


Traditional B2B marketing has always employed a hybrid ‘Push/Pull’ strategy that integrates the needs and requirements of an end user with the objectives of a company.  But in today’s digital world, where fragmentation has split once-broad audiences into very niche communities, some marketers may be struggling with getting a firm grip on the rope.  Smart marketers will recognize that the larger change is in the overall messaging, with only tweaks needed to the tactics themselves.


The anchor position:  The web makes it easy to consume content, but can also make gathering information an overwhelming proposition.  To get it right, keep your message clear and focused on how you benefitting the user.

The muscle: Users now chose the environment in which they obtain information.  There is something to be said for strength in numbers, so make sure you deliver your message throughout multiple channels (analog & digital) to ensure you’re hitting your audience at the appropriate stage and within the correct medium.  A modern B2B marketing strategy not only uses the familiar tactics where audiences consume information—company website, trade publications, eblasts–but also areas where engagement and communities are growing, such as LinkedIn or Pinterest, which are currently building out some good marketing avenues.


Today’s Push/Pull marketing doesn’t need to keep the tension on the rope.  To fully integrate this B2B marketing strategy, alter your messaging to match what your audience is looking for—make it concise and informative.


Then, look at the different channels your audiences are using to obtain their information and start to bring your messaging to them through those channels.

Jena Stauffer is now a Certified Google Adwords Professional

Jena Stauffer, Marketing Specialist at The Simon Group, is now Individually Qualified in the Google Adwords Certification Program for campaign management with a specialization in search marketing optimization. Certified Google Adwords Professionals must show a proficiency in Google Adwords by passing the Adwords Fundamentals exam as well as advanced knowledge by passing another exam in a  specialized area of Adwords.

Jena’s Adwords search marketing optimization expertise includes best practices for ad text, ad formats, keywords, language/demographic/geographic targeting, keyword bidding, conversions and other Adwords tools to best optimize campaign settings for the greatest return on your Adwords investment.

Contact us today to see what we can do for you to help start, optimize or overhaul your Google Adwords campaigns!

Learn more about the Google Certification.
Learn more about Jena’s qualification.

The Simon Group…25 Years of Business as Unusual

By Marty Simon, CEO and Rhythm GuitaristThe Simon Group's 25th anniversary!


Wow! Twenty five years??!! Could somebody please tell me where that time went…and how it went by so fast!?

OK, so I’m thinking back to March 17, 1986…yes, St. Patrick’s Day. Karen, my partner and administrative assistant for four years at our previous agency,  and I laughed that first day and said…”well, this is a fine time to start a new marketing communications agency!” I guess we were right. The fates were with us…the fates and a couple of great clients who chose to come with us when we started this crazy business.

In the beginning, it was exciting and fun (and, believe it or not, it still is!!)…and maybe just a little scary although neither Karen nor I remember being scared…I guess we didn’t know any better. We started in my basement…just the two of us, a phone, a beat-up 1982 Compaq “transportable” computer and dot matrix printer. Oh, yeah, and a bunch of my amplifiers and guitars…for stress relief, of course.

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Maintaining the Brand…in Good Times and Bad

Aries Electronics: a Marketing Communications Success Story

Frank Folmsbee, Aries Electronics

Frank Folmsbee, Aries Electronics

Aries Electronics does a lot of things very well.  One is the way they design and manufacture interconnect components and assemblies for the electronic original equipment manufacturers market.  Another is the way they market their products and technologies. Adhering to an age old, time-proven adage, and guided by their close and long-term relationship with The Simon Group, they do it with consistency…in good times and bad.  And, as a result, have had very few “bad years”…even during economic downturns, such as the last one.

Aries was founded in 1972 by Bill Sinclair who remains at the company’s helm today, both as chief executive officer and chief new product designer.  The company has had only two marcom agencies in its 41-year history. Aries reluctantly moved on from its first agency, recognizing that they had outgrown what that agency could provide.  Several of the area’s leading media reps had talked to The Simon Group about Aries…and  to Aries about The Simon Group.  And, in 1991, Aries president Bill Sinclair and sales and marketing manager Frank Folmsbee made a visit to The Simon Group farmhouse.  The rest, as they say, is history.  We’ll let Frank tell the story…

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Evolving Your Marketing Plan

Savvy marketing plans are custom and continually evolving

By Dave Lesser – President

My two daughters, now 22 and 19, are so different, you wonder if they were born on the same planet, never mind in the same family. My wife and I learned pretty quickly that a good approach for one was not necessarily good for the other.

The same holds true for every company’s marketing plan. Each is unique, so why wouldn’t you create an integrated marketing communications plan customized to match your products, markets and objectives?

One mistake we, as an agency, see over and over again when it comes to marketing communications is that people like to stick within their comfort zone, unwilling to deviate from the tactics that may have worked before.

Of course, there are many timeless marketing principles that will hold true regardless of the delivery method, but try getting a publication to provide you with bingo card leads on pre-printed labels…

Sure, I could lament about feeling old…but I like to look at it in a different light. This evolution keeps us marketing folks (now there’s a dated term) on our toes and on the lookout for new ways to promote our clients’ products.

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Applied Energy Systems Hires The Simon Group for Integrated Marketing

The Simon Group has been hired by Applied Energy Systems (AES) of Malvern, Pa. to develop and implement an integrated marketing program for both AES as well as its Semi-Gas line of ultra high purity gas delivery systems.

The campaign will focus on total brand management as well as strategic market analysis and planning for the company and its products. Tactics used to educate the semiconductor market and related industries on the complete solutions provided by AES and its Semi-Gas product line will include both print and online advertising as well as public relations and direct marketing. This combination will ensure that AES gains widespread company awareness in relevant industries as well as targeted reach to key influencers.

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Corporate Identity…What’s It Really Mean and What’s It Really Do

corporate IDBy Dennis Brennan – Sr. Art Director

Everyone talks about corporate identity (well, not everyone…but those of us in the business do!). But just what is corporate identity?  Well, what it’s not is merely a company’s name or logo.

Corporate identity is a strategy that defines a company’s values, its personality…its brand. Done properly, it accurately communicates these elements to a company’s customers, providing a clear image that helps set the company apart from its competitors.

With the advent of the internet and its global nature, corporate identity has become more important than ever in ensuring that companies present a consistent image throughout all of their marketing materials. Consistency needs to carry through in the use of the logo, tagline, color, typography and a well-conceived system of design for all “promotional” materials.

This includes websites, direct email, banner ads, social media venues, etc. in addition to more traditional printed materials such as letterheads, business cards, sales brochures and catalogs, signage, packaging, investor communications, promotional items and magazine advertisements.

The logo is, of course, the anchor design element that visually identifies a company. It should be distinctive, uncluttered, easily recognizable and should attempt to graphically reflect the nature of the business.

Attention should be given to logo design to be sure it reproduces correctly in any application, from printing it on a ballpoint pen to huge trade show booth graphics. Today’s online uses can present specific challenges due to the resolution and limited color restrictions of computer monitors.

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