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Putting a Positive Spin on Things

June2.positive spinLet’s face it, things don’t always turn out as well as you had expected.  Sometimes you need to deliver news that isn’t particularly flattering to your company or its products. And although we would love to keep a lid on negative publicity and not let the world know about it, sometimes it is unavoidable.  So, what are we to do? Sweep it under the rug? Lie? Act like it never happened?  The answer to each of these questions is a resounding NO! Read the rest of this entry »

The Personal Aspect of Collaboration

networking, relationships, collaboration, business development, personalEmail, cell phones and web-based platforms have made global collaboration as common as using an ATM. It has definitely redefined our models of business efficiency and what can be accomplished in a day, with the limitations of geographic borders and time zones essentially eliminated. Read the rest of this entry »

Project Management with a Personal Touch

project collaboration, project management, teamwork, communication, project coordinationIn today’s global business environment, many different departments take an active role in the development of a project, and with good reason. Everybody has a different perspective and different needs. Read the rest of this entry »

B2B CMOs – and Those Who Work with Them – Need to Change with the Times and with the Technologies

The role of the Chief Marketing Officer in the B2B world is increasing significantly in recent times. With that expanded role come new challenges and responsibilities for the CMO and those whom he or she directs. Much of the evolution that must take place is driven by the dizzying pace of technological development and the resulting digital world we all live in.


Today’s CMOs will have to accomplish more in less time and sometimes with less resources… either human or financial. A successful CMO will focus on his company’s critical business issues, place strategy development above tactical issues and effectively pursue collaborative opportunities wherever possible.

Forrester Research B2B CMOs Must Evolve Or Move On

Figure from Forrester Research “B2B CMOs Must Evolve Or Move On” showing the increased relationship between CMOs and IT.


And because so much of what matters in today’s business environment  is, in fact, a product of the digital world, the successful CMO will do well to build strong relationships with his or her CIO and other key IT personnel.


After all, it is the IT function that can link a company’s marketing objectives to its customer base. According to a 2013 survey, the key collaboration of the marketing future, if not the present,  just may be the relationship between marketing and  IT.


For the actual results of that survey and more detailed insight into the evolving role of the CMO, you can download the report here (simple registration required).