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A/B Testing – Algebra and Statistics in Marketing Communications

a/b testing, testing campaigns, marketing testing, marketing efficiency, marcom efficiency, marcom ROI, measuring ROISomeone recently asked me about A/B testing and how it relates to marketing and business. I had to do a little bit of research as I wanted to make sure I could explain it. As I started to read up on it, I could feel the anxiety build in my chest. Terms like ‘randomized experiment with two variants, A and B’ and ‘two versions (A and B) are compared, which are identical except for one variation that might affect x’s behavior’. What the heck?!?!?!?!!??! I’m a communications professional!!! Math is not my forte! Read the rest of this entry »

As Wayne Gretzky said, “I skate to where the puck is going…”

integrated marketing, marketing strategy, sales funnel, sales marketing, business, business relationships, customer relationships, customer educationLet’s think for a moment about The Great One’s famous quote. He knew that just following the puck, or the market trend in our case, was not going to get him the goal. He needed to head to where the puck was going, arriving at its location before the puck even made it there. Read the rest of this entry »

The Devil’s in the Details

trade show presence, event marketing, event best practices, trade show, best practices, event, show tips, trade show success, trade show roadmap, success roadmapWhile attending a tradeshow for the packaging industry recently, I was a bit surprised to see a large number of marketing snafus that could have been easily avoided, and would have resulted in much better lead generation on the show floor. Read the rest of this entry »

An Open Letter to Those Employing Direct Mail

direct mail, direct marketing, tips for direct mail, direct mail best practices


Dear Mr. or Ms. Marketer,


First of all, BRAVO! It seems you already realize the importance of print in today’s digital delete-before-you-even-open-it world. That colorful mailer that crossed my desk made me pause for a moment…


You have obviously put considerable time and effort into developing a comprehensive, well-designed piece of literature, and, well, we feel it should go to someone who could use it.


See, we are a marketing communications agency, so we track relevant trade publications that are important to our clients and their markets by subscribing to the magazines and relevant sites.


We’ve noticed an increasing trend in publications selling unqualified leads from their subscriber list to companies, such as yours.


Companies are sending the wrong materials, or unsolicited information, to prospects that really have no use for it.


In our world, this is a big waste of valuable resources, especially when some thought, time and money has been put into those marketing materials.


If you are interested in discussing targeted marketing strategies that can give you some qualified leads, we’d love to talk. For starters, ask yourself these questions about your current direct mail efforts, then drop us a note when the feeling moves you!


If you think the checklist above is enough help, then we wish you the best of luck in your future sales and we hope the next person that receives your information finds in it the perfect solution for their next project.



The Simon Group

Marketing Communications

More than 25 years of Business as Unusual




Direct Mail as a Modern Marketing Tool

direct marketing, printed marketing, hard copy, promotions, mailWhen digital media started to storm the scene, publishing houses, printing companies and papermakers where shaking in their boots, with good cause. Digital was cheaper, faster and more efficient, a perfect combination in an age of tightening budgets.

But a funny thing has happened over the past decade.

It’s true that many catalogs, datasheets, direct mailers and even ads and magazines have been digitized—available at your prospects’ fingertips with the click of a mouse, but at the end of that chain of cyberspace data are still human recipients. And the question is always, “How do we make them take notice?”

A Digital Deluge

Email now floods inboxes, just as direct mailers used to flood mailboxes. Subject lines are critical to successful open rates, or that same simple one click will land you in the trash folder.

Catalogs and datasheets can be viewed online or printed directly from a company’s website…but you still need to get your prospect there.

Certainly there are low cost online instruments to help in the effort: Google AdWords; SEO integrated into your website, and even some banner ads can effectively source clickthroughs depending on the campaign.   But how else can you make them take notice?

Paper as a Premium?

In some ways, the printed piece has come full circle and can be used to a company’s advantage if done correctly. No longer merely lose in cyberspace, a printed mailer that comes across a prospect’s desk can make them stop and a second look.

The two elements that are critical here are graphic design and content—it still needs to catch your eye and give solid information.

And let’s not forget our options: from a flat 5”x7” mailer or personal letter addressed to prospects up to a die cut piece or a full scale 3D package.

  • Will it take a little more time? Yes.
  • Will it take a little more money? Yes.
  • Will it make your prospect take notice? Absolutely!

Is it right for every campaign…not really. But for your next major product launch, think about how you can shake things up to stand out from the digital crowd. You might just find that everything old is new again.

Take a look at these Direct Mail Considerations before your next campaign.

The Simon Group Wins a Neographics Franklin Award of Excellence

The Simon Group and The Standard Group recently won a Franklin Award of Excellence for Announcements & Invitations (4+ Colors) for the Ingersoll Rand “Magic Window Mailer”. Graphic Arts Association Neographics Franklin Award winner


The Graphic Arts Association hosts the Neographics awards each year, one of the nation’s largest regional graphic communications contests in which graphic arts, packaging, converting, design and publishing excellence is selected and showcased.


Neographics is a contest dedicated to recognizing and rewarding the quality and service that is provided by the graphic communications, packaging and converting industries to their worldwide customers.


For the category of Announcements & Invitations (4+ Colors), The Simon Group won a Franklin Award for creating the Magic Window mailer, designed for client Ingersoll Rand’s product launch of their new ARO pumps in summer 2013.


Judging occurs over several days by teams of judges. The judges examine the finished products as well as how the job was performed. The number of colors, press size and printing process are used in determining the winners.
Overall design, successful completion, prepress preparation, printing and finishing are examined closely. Within each category, the judges present Franklin Awards for Excellence. Kudos to our wonderful design team!

Simon Group-designed Tradeshow Booth Wins at Tractor Supply Show

Ingersoll Rand tradeshow booth win, Simon Group designIn the beginning of 2014, Ingersoll Rand tasked The Simon Group to develop the graphics for a new tradeshow booth.


Developed to showcase Ingersoll Rand’s compressors and tools in “Out Here USA”, the booth was introduced at Tractor Supply Co.’s annual sales meeting…and won the Best Vendor Booth!


Congratulations to Ingersoll Rand and The Simon Group’s graphics department for the design!

Ingersoll Rand tradeshow booth win, Simon Group design


IEE Hires The Simon Group for New Marketing Communications Campaign

Integrated plan designed to develop military and commercial markets

The Simon Group has recently been chosen by IEE as its agency of record for a new marketing communications campaign intended to establish the company’s human-system interface solutions in military, industrial and commercial markets.

Steve Motter, vice president, business development, stated, “We wanted to work with a company that could position our products effectively in the OEM and end-user marketplace with a well-rounded campaign. When a colleague suggested The Simon Group to us for their expertise in our target markets and excellence in integrated marcom plans, we knew they could deliver the results we need to grow our business.”

Read the full press release