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Let’s Eat Grandma!

punctuation, spelling, grammar, typing, professional typing, professional presentation, professional writing, writingThe comma—how something so simple can change a sentence so much. As in… Let’s eat, grandma! Read the rest of this entry »

IEE Hires The Simon Group for New Marketing Communications Campaign

Integrated plan designed to develop military and commercial markets

The Simon Group has recently been chosen by IEE as its agency of record for a new marketing communications campaign intended to establish the company’s human-system interface solutions in military, industrial and commercial markets.

Steve Motter, vice president, business development, stated, “We wanted to work with a company that could position our products effectively in the OEM and end-user marketplace with a well-rounded campaign. When a colleague suggested The Simon Group to us for their expertise in our target markets and excellence in integrated marcom plans, we knew they could deliver the results we need to grow our business.”

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The Simon Group…25 Years of Business as Unusual

By Marty Simon, CEO and Rhythm GuitaristThe Simon Group's 25th anniversary!


Wow! Twenty five years??!! Could somebody please tell me where that time went…and how it went by so fast!?

OK, so I’m thinking back to March 17, 1986…yes, St. Patrick’s Day. Karen, my partner and administrative assistant for four years at our previous agency,  and I laughed that first day and said…”well, this is a fine time to start a new marketing communications agency!” I guess we were right. The fates were with us…the fates and a couple of great clients who chose to come with us when we started this crazy business.

In the beginning, it was exciting and fun (and, believe it or not, it still is!!)…and maybe just a little scary although neither Karen nor I remember being scared…I guess we didn’t know any better. We started in my basement…just the two of us, a phone, a beat-up 1982 Compaq “transportable” computer and dot matrix printer. Oh, yeah, and a bunch of my amplifiers and guitars…for stress relief, of course.

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Maintaining the Brand…in Good Times and Bad

Aries Electronics: a Marketing Communications Success Story

Frank Folmsbee, Aries Electronics

Frank Folmsbee, Aries Electronics

Aries Electronics does a lot of things very well.  One is the way they design and manufacture interconnect components and assemblies for the electronic original equipment manufacturers market.  Another is the way they market their products and technologies. Adhering to an age old, time-proven adage, and guided by their close and long-term relationship with The Simon Group, they do it with consistency…in good times and bad.  And, as a result, have had very few “bad years”…even during economic downturns, such as the last one.

Aries was founded in 1972 by Bill Sinclair who remains at the company’s helm today, both as chief executive officer and chief new product designer.  The company has had only two marcom agencies in its 41-year history. Aries reluctantly moved on from its first agency, recognizing that they had outgrown what that agency could provide.  Several of the area’s leading media reps had talked to The Simon Group about Aries…and  to Aries about The Simon Group.  And, in 1991, Aries president Bill Sinclair and sales and marketing manager Frank Folmsbee made a visit to The Simon Group farmhouse.  The rest, as they say, is history.  We’ll let Frank tell the story…

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Woodstream Corporation Hires The Simon Group as Agency of Record for New Marketing Communications Campaign

The Simon Group has been chosen by Woodstream Corporation to create and implement a marketing communications plan for the company’s FiShock and Zareba electric animal control and containment products that provide safe, economical alternatives to barbed and woven wire fencing.

Andrea Itnyre, category development associate for the electronic containment division of Woodstream, noted, “We looked for a company that not only shared our vision of growth, but also was able to help us rapidly gain the market share needed to achieve our goals.  Having worked with The Simon Group in the past, I knew they would deliver an all-inclusive, well-run program with the lofty results we are looking for.”

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Applied Energy Systems Hires The Simon Group for Integrated Marketing

The Simon Group has been hired by Applied Energy Systems (AES) of Malvern, Pa. to develop and implement an integrated marketing program for both AES as well as its Semi-Gas line of ultra high purity gas delivery systems.

The campaign will focus on total brand management as well as strategic market analysis and planning for the company and its products. Tactics used to educate the semiconductor market and related industries on the complete solutions provided by AES and its Semi-Gas product line will include both print and online advertising as well as public relations and direct marketing. This combination will ensure that AES gains widespread company awareness in relevant industries as well as targeted reach to key influencers.

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Joanna Puglisi-Barley Named PR Manager for The Simon Group

Joanna Puglisi-Barley has recently been appointed Public Relations Manager for The Simon Group to help service the agency’s growing client base. With nearly 20 years of marketing and public relations experience, Joanna is no stranger to The Simon Group, having freelanced for the company since 2002. She will be working closely with the agency’s diverse clientele, implementing various PR programs and strategies in an effort to increase market exposure and product awareness throughout the industrial, high-tech and electronics sectors.

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The Simon Group Hires Jena Stauffer as Marketing Specialist

Jena Stauffer - Marketing SpecialistJena Stauffer has recently taken on the role of Marketing Specialist, specializing in expanding the company’s online marketing programs, including online advertising, social media outlets and other web venues. Jena enters this position after initially joining The Simon Group as an intern in May 2008. She will also continue to provide account support for all areas of marketing, such as strategic planning, research, advertising, public relations, collateral, direct mail and new business development.

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SEO Press Releases: What They Are and What They Do

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the latest buzz phrase of the marketing world (we’re guilty of using it, too!), but did you know it is sneaking into the PR world as well? Not only should you optimize your website or your blog, you should also be optimizing your press releases for search engines.

A traditional news release with plain text will reach the editorial community on the date you release it, but what happens when a potential customer is searching Google for that great new product six months later? Unless your press release has the staying power to continually rank high in search engines, the chance of an older press release being found is slim.

This is where SEO comes in. Here are some important tips for optimizing a press release:

1. Use the important keywords in the title (words customers would search).
Headlines are the first thing a search engine and a reader will see. Putting keywords in the headline increases your chances of being found and people seeing the relevance of your news release to their search.

2. Keep the title to approximately 80 characters.
PR distribution sites will often use the headline for the title tag. Keeping the title short (while including keywords) ensures the keywords of your release will not be cut off and will be visible to search engines (and readers) at the first glance.

3. Effectively use keywords throughout the press release.
Using a keyword density check tool will help you determine if your press release includes too little, too many, or just the right amount of keywords in the text. Using too many words may seem counterintuitive, but it could actually hurt your SEO. Too few keywords hurt, too.

4. Use links in the body of the release.
Adding links in the body of the text will increase the chances of the search engines finding your release. And always start with http:// for the URL. Those seven little characters will ensure the links are active in the release whereas URLs starting with www. could be missed.

5. Include anchor text.
Try to link at least three keywords in the text specifically to an internal page of your site rather than just the homepage. These tagged phrases provide more SEO value to a release than just listing URL links in the text, since they appear as searchable terms.

6. Make sure your news gets out.
In addition to the traditional press list, news releases should be distributed more widely using outlets targeted for online media as well as submitted to a variety of online news sites that post content, both of which are geared at the end user, versus the editorial community.

SEO has changed the landscape of not only traditional marketing, but traditional public relations as well. Writing and distributing timely news releases with the editors, end user, and search engines in mind will dramatically increase the reach of each release.

Beth Smith Appointed to Vice President of PR

Beth Smith - Vice President of PRBeth Smith was recently appointed Vice President of Public Relations in response to the extensive growth of PR among the agency’s diverse account base. As more clients look to increase market exposure in their target industries without the relatively high cost of advertising, PR becomes an increasingly cost-effective marcom tactic. Beth will continue to lead our internationally renowned PR department, while expanding her role in the development of PR programs and their increasing strategic impact on our clients’ business.

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David Lesser: President of The Simon Group

The new year brought in a new president to The Simon Group. David Lesser replaces Marty Simon, who will remain involved in the agency’s account service and creative functions as CEO. Lesser’s extensive knowledge of the company, the clients, and the industry will help him to move the company forward as the agency grows and evolves. He will oversee the company’s internal operations as well as account services, including public relations, advertising, media and marketing. Lesser’s appointment will preserve The Simon Group’s determination to provide superior quality service for its clients, while also expanding opportunities for success in the growing areas of marketing.

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When Times Get Tough… The Tough Beef Up Their PR Program!

The benefits of PR are seemingly endless and become even more important when marketing resources become scarce, as could be the case for some companies heading into 2009. Read the rest of this entry »