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The Great Gate Debate: When to use gated content

gated content, lead forms, registration forms, lead gen, lead generation, content marketingOftentimes we are asked by clients our feelings on gated content –  You know, the information that cannot be accessed until a form is filled out with the user’s personal information, usually their name, email, phone number and some innocuous question. The questions we get usually center on WHEN this type of content should be used, and IF it should be used at all.

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Steps to a Successful Content Marketing Plan- Part 3

content marketing, content plan, content calendar, content review, content strategy

Part 3 of 4: final content prep

By the end of these 3 weeks, you’ll be nearly ready to tackle content marketing like a pro. The last segment reviewed how to audit your current content, document your new content strategy and how to create topic ideas that fuel this new strategy.  Up next is creating a content calendar based on priorities and ‘low hanging fruit’, fine tune SEO and successfully review and edit your first piece of content.

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Content Marketing Plan- Part 2

Creating a Content Plan: Part 2Part 2 of 4: Getting things in order

Last time we discussed getting your content marketing campaign off the ground. We gave you the tools on how to get your strategy in motion. In this round, we will discuss how to get the momentum going and touch on auditing your current content, documenting your new content strategy and how to create topic ideas to fuel your content strategy.

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How to Create a Content Marketing Plan and Be Successful

Part 1 of 4: What to do the first 3 weeks to prepare

how to create a content marketing planLet us start out by saying that content marketing is a long-term strategy that takes commitment and discipline.  It is not a strategy that works overnight or even in the first six months, but when it does finally kick in, the benefits are immeasurable.

Now that that is out in the open, let’s get started…

Vertical Measures, a digital marketing agency that helps other clients and agencies broaden their content marketing strategies, does an excellent job of teaching us how to get your content marketing campaign off the ground.  They recommend accomplishing one major task per week for 12 weeks in order to get the ball rolling.  This article will run in a four part series, breaking the down the 12 week program over four posts.

Let’s take a look at the first three weeks…

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It’s Back to School Time! And Not Just for the Kids……

Aug1.Continuing EdIt’s that time of year again….back to school. Excitement at the anticipation of a new learning year is upon us.  But it doesn’t just have to be for the kids… We, as adults, should continually embark on a new journey of learning and self-betterment.


Our clients rely on us for advice and counsel on marketing communications techniques and tactics. In order to best perform our jobs and remain a source of information, we seek out ways to hone our skills, learn about the latest trends and discover new ways to employ best practices in our clients’ programs. Our agency could not survive in this digital era if we had stopped trying to improve and innovate while everyone still relied on only print media in the 1980s.


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10 Tips for a High Quality Website tipsOne of your most powerful business marketing tools is simple: your website. It can help you stand out from your competitors and defines you as a company. It is a direct reflection of you and can give people an idea of how you conduct business. Your website can be what makes the first impression, so make it a good one! Read the rest of this entry »

How to Build (and Sustain) a Successful Agency Relationship

stop collaborate and listenAccording to, ‘a good relationship is more than something we want—it’s something we need to be our happiest, healthiest, most productive selves. But at home or work, supportive, fulfilling relationships don’t come automatically. They take an investment in time and energy.’ Read the rest of this entry »

Believing the Hype about Big Data

marketing automation, marketing efficiency, online marketingWe’ll be honest. We were a bit skeptical about marketing automation when we first heard about it. Is this really a trend that will be helpful for B2B marketing strategies?  But knowing we are typically our clients’ first resource to ask about the latest marketing trends, we knew we had to take a closer look and stay “in the know.” Read the rest of this entry »

Constructing a Great Brand Online

online brand, creating your brand, brand tips, business brandForming an online brand has some unique challenges to ensuring your message is received correctly, with a major aspect being your company website.

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Blog, schmog. What does this have to do with business marketing anyway?

blog, business blog, blogging for business, business marketing, b2b blog, company blog, content marketingI know, I know, you hear the word blog and you think, ‘what in the world does this have to do with business marketing? Isn’t a blog simply a place to express your own personal viewpoints and opinions on something you are passionate about?’ Read the rest of this entry »

Is Your Website a Classic PB&J or a Stacked-to-the-ceiling Club Sandwich?

Website layers, website design, custom website, It’s lunchtime, and you’re hungry! You head to the fridge and pull out all the makings of your favorite sandwich. Did you pick lettuce or tomatoes, deli meat or chicken salad, mayo or mustard? It doesn’t matter, because making the perfect sandwich is an art, carefully crafted to meet your tastes. Read the rest of this entry »

Mixing in Social Media: An Ingredient for B2B Marketing

Social Media iconsThe list of social media is virtually endless, with big names like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn dominating the landscape, and the infinite amounts of blogs on every topic imaginable.  All of these different social media sites have one thing in common; they never deject conversation, comments and feedback as many consumers feel email and other websites do. In fact, they encourage interaction.

B2B marketers should view social media as a new way to interact directly with customers, in addition to employing traditional marketing techniques to generate even more brand awareness.

Social media can take traditional electronic communications, such as email, to the next level. On Facebook and Twitter you can encourage customers and prospects to follow you and be on the look out for your news and product announcements to help generate buzz early on by providing useful content and pertinent updates.

A B2B blog can be another useful type of social media by surpassing the one-sided limitations of a mass distributed press release to provide different elements not available with traditional press release distributions.

A B2B blog can provide:

  • A user-friendly environment
  • Two-way conversation capability
  • Increased SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Daily exposure to unique users

And, B2B blog users do not need to be confirmed as “friends”, like on Facebook or a fellow “tweeter” on Twitter, or even on the PR or marketing firm’s exclusive e-mail lists, so many times this format is viewed as a less intrusive means of communicating on industry happenings and technology developments.  It can also encourage a good problem/solution community, where customers and the company alike can share information to make products and services better and align future development with specific industry needs.

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