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Tradeshows a Dying Breed? 13 Tips to Help Improve Show ROI

tradeshow, pr, events, sales, leads, press, editorsRemember the days when tradeshows were jam-packed and everyone registered to attend as soon as they could to reserve their spot?  People milled around and networked for hours looking at some of the greatest booth presentations and demos the industry had to offer.  It was THE BEST, wasn’t it?

Tradeshows were so important. They were an ‘absolute must’ travel expense.  And then, all of a sudden, there was a drop. Slowly, these fun networking extravaganzas seemed to slowly fade away.  But just like print magazines themselves, we’ve seen it come full circle and hopefully there will be a resurgence as organizers are learning what works in today’s new environment.

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Time to Pack Your Bags


It’s summer.  Not only is everyone gearing up for vacation and big plans away, but also getting ready to hit the second half of the year strong. Maybe there have been some adjustments to your marketing goals after the first half. Maybe the second half has the potential to be a game changer for your company. Either way, it might also be time to pack your bags for another big reason: tradeshows.  Read the rest of this entry »

As Wayne Gretzky said, “I skate to where the puck is going…”

integrated marketing, marketing strategy, sales funnel, sales marketing, business, business relationships, customer relationships, customer educationLet’s think for a moment about The Great One’s famous quote. He knew that just following the puck, or the market trend in our case, was not going to get him the goal. He needed to head to where the puck was going, arriving at its location before the puck even made it there. Read the rest of this entry »

The Devil’s in the Details

trade show presence, event marketing, event best practices, trade show, best practices, event, show tips, trade show success, trade show roadmap, success roadmapWhile attending a tradeshow for the packaging industry recently, I was a bit surprised to see a large number of marketing snafus that could have been easily avoided, and would have resulted in much better lead generation on the show floor. Read the rest of this entry »

Simon Group-designed Tradeshow Booth Wins at Tractor Supply Show

Ingersoll Rand tradeshow booth win, Simon Group designIn the beginning of 2014, Ingersoll Rand tasked The Simon Group to develop the graphics for a new tradeshow booth.


Developed to showcase Ingersoll Rand’s compressors and tools in “Out Here USA”, the booth was introduced at Tractor Supply Co.’s annual sales meeting…and won the Best Vendor Booth!


Congratulations to Ingersoll Rand and The Simon Group’s graphics department for the design!

Ingersoll Rand tradeshow booth win, Simon Group design


Are You Missing the Boat on the Ultimate Way to Boost Trade Show ROI?

tradeshow budget

Tradeshow PR falls into the 6% “Promotions” category, but can turn into an invaluable expense with the correct tactics to increase ROI.
(Image courtesy of Atlantic Exhibits)

Despite soaring costs, tradeshows can have a powerful impact on your marketing efforts. Choosing the right show with the right audience and presenting the right message are key. But to really get the very most out of your tradeshow investment, don’t overlook the one target audience that can have as much or more value to your sales and marketing efforts as your prospects.

We are referring to the numerous tradeshow editors who gather at these shows looking for stories, looking for news, looking for content to fill their hungry print or online pages, looking for ways to bring their readers the very latest information on new products, technologies, concepts, etc.

Hooking your company’s story (and every company does have a unique story!) to the right editors is easy when you make it an integral part of your PR/marketing strategy. At The Simon Group, tradeshow PR is the way we maximize our clients’ return on tradeshow investment. The ability to reach customers and prospects more economically via the digital world has made many companies consider dropping tradeshows from their marketing strategy (and budget!).

However, the face-to-face time you can get with customers, prospects and editors can make your tradeshow efforts much more worthwhile when leveraged correctly. For only a small additional amount of planning and budget for coordination, the relationships built at tradeshows can be immeasurable.

The key is employing a variety of editor-friendly tactics in your trade show strategy. These tactics combine to connect your company to the editors who matter most and to generate significant initial and follow-on PR, often resulting in feature articles, interviews and other major publicity opportunities.

If you’re going to spend a small fortune on your next tradeshow, and that’s what most tradeshows costs these days when all costs are tallied, get a greater payoff than ever before with press coverage that will certainly generate a new and profitable level of awareness and even qualified leads.