Update on Biotech and Pharmaceutical Markets

Last year’s H1N1 flu epidemic caused a frantic reaction among the US population. President Obama recognized that the vast amount of vaccine shortages caused a major health concern in America. Due to the country’s reaction, President Obama and his administration recently released bio-defense funding specifically to fight infectious disease and bioterrorism threats.

The hope is that the funding will provide pharmaceutical companies the resources needed for newer and more advanced vaccines and technologies. The continued lag manufacturing companies face toward implementing newer machinery and technologies may be coming to an end. The newly designated $6.48 billion will go directly into spending for bio-defense agencies.

The government is looking beyond traditional pharmaceutical and biotechnology contactors in hopes to expand the country’s knowledge and skills in medical technology in order to increase innovation. Additional funding will provide attractive opportunities for many pharmaceutical, manufacturing, information technology, and biotech companies.

Making such investments for our country’s future is vital now more than ever. Pharmaceutical and biotech equipment manufacturers hold the power to create a better future for our country’s health. Upgrading to more advanced technologies will ultimately protect, enhance and provide for a brighter future.

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