Content Topics: What to do when you’re stumped

nov1-great-ideaHave you ever been charged with having to write something, be it a blog, article or a short piece for your website and have no idea what to write about?

You struggle with topics that you think your audience may be interested in, or feel that you have exhausted all possible topics that can be written about. You want the piece to be engaging and timely, with a “personal” spin to it that only your company can provide.

We have a few suggestions to help get those creative juices flowing and help you win what appears to be a never-ending battle:

  1. Talk with the people in your sales force. They are the ones that are getting the tough questions from customers day in and day out.  By speaking with them, you may uncover a topic that is at the forefront of the minds of your sales team, but marketing or product development doesn’t focus on.
  1. Talk to the people in your organization’s call center or customer service department. They are the ones that know all the good questions and what people want to know or don’t understand. Their knowledge can help you write and informative piece. Think of them as your go-to for the FAQs.
  1. Ask Google. As silly as this sounds, ‘Google Suggest’ helps you find out what people are looking for, what they have questions about.  This can easily help you come up with topics to write about.
  1. Log on to   By simply putting in a phrase or keyword, this website comes up with hundreds of questions and topic ideas for you to write about. For example, we put in the keyword Public Relations and 132 questions about public relations came up.

By using all the resources available to you, you should be able to come up with a topic in no time… and maybe even write about a “diamond in the rough” topic that people have been waiting to read about, but no one realized its potential.

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